Education & Training

Organize With Folders

Use folders to help you find things quickly from your libraries. You can use folders to organize your Landing Pages, Letter Templates, To-Do Plans, Autoresponders and

Customize Your System

If you haven’t yet done it, adjust the colors of your AllClients account. Click Here to customize your account. Or, login into your account, go

More Fields Added to the Merge Options

We’ve increased your options for fields that you can merge into your Email and Letter Templates. You can now individually include Company, Address, City, State,

Adjust your Currency Symbol

When you are entering Deals, money is represented with the Dollar Sign. You may now adjust that to the Pound or the Euro. Here is

Work with a Group of To-Dos

We have made it easier to perform actions with a group of To-Dos. In your To-Do List you can now select multiple To-Dos and as

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