Email Marketing: Videos or No Videos?

The short answer is “Yes – Videos!”

Email recipients find videos more interesting, and in some cases irresistible. They see the video link with the big red PLAY button, and they are compelled to click on it.

– Video emails get more conversions than text only emails.

– People prefer to watch a video over just reading text.

– Click-through rates double when you use a video in your email.

Ok, I get it – Video Emails work. But how exactly, is it done?

We are not talking about including a video as an attachment in our email. We are talking about sending a real video email. When someone opens your email they see the video right there, they click on it and it plays.

The easiest way to do this is to use YouTube and Gmail.

Post your video to YouTube, copy the YouTube link and paste that link into your Gmail email. When your recipient gets your email, a video thumbnail will appear and they just click on it.

This is great if you are just sending a single email, but Video Email is really powerful when you can send it to many people in your email marketing campaigns. To utilize video email marketing you will need a service that specializes in video email.

Our video email is built right into our CRM. You won’t have to duct tape several systems together to make everything work properly. Watch this video to see how easy it is to send a Video Email in AllClients.

In AllClients CRM software you can use Video Email marketing in your autoresponder campaigns, in your automated workflows and you can even blast out a video email to a filtered group of your contacts.

What about making the video itself?

Don’t put things off because you think you need to figure out how to produce a professional video. In many cases, a homemade looking video is more effective, and makes you seem more real and approachable.

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