How I Use AllClients Intelligent Links to Get Gigs

By day I am the CEO of AllClients – by night I play guitar, keyboards, and sing in my Beatles Band,

When I send out emails to market the band, I include a Press Kit PDF and a Demo of the band in an MP3 format.

I used to send them as attachments in the email, now I use Intelligent Links. With Intelligent Links, AllClients sends me an email letting me know that someone, I am trying to get to hire us, downloaded the Press Kit or listened to my demo MP3.

This is a big deal. No, a HUGE deal.

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Intelligent Links : Overview [Video]
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If I know that you downloaded my Press Kit and/or listened to my demo, I KNOW that you are interested at a high level.

In some cases I get a phone call a few minutes after they look at my stuff, and in other cases I will call them to “strike while the iron is hot”.


This is really unfair – it gives me a huge advantage to know who is looking at my marketing materials. Now I can send hundreds of emails to prospective clients and I know EXACTLY which few I should focus on.

Use Intelligent Links and find out in real time, who your hottest prospects are. I guarantee you, once you see the power of Intelligent Links, you will never send another attachment again.



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