AllClients February Update

Hi There –

We just released a new update that added some real cool features and functions. Here is a quick summary…

Real Time Email Analytics

In the contact record under notes, all your emails are now tracked with the exact email content, as well as the open details. You will see a icon like this:  next to the email subject. Just click on the icon and a box will pop up showing opens, bounces, if your contact clicked on any links in your email, and if your contact marked your email as spam. This new email reporting applies to emails send individually, through the todo system, and through the autoresponder system.

Deal Reports (Gold Only)

2 new Deal Reports have been added. Now you can see your commissions on won deals, and you can see your deals in a funnel format. The deals reports can be found right from within the deals module.

ClientTouch View in Contacts

This is an advanced feature we have added as per your request. You can now see who is in ClientTouch right from the Contact List Screen. You can add a column that will show you who is already in your current ClientTouch workgroup (green checkmark), and who is not (grey checkmark).

Add this column using the “Customize this Screen” link at the bottom of your contact list. Then you can click on the icon to toggle that contact from being in the ClientTouch workgroup to not being in the workgroup. Keep in mind this is an indicator to show who is already in the workgroup – you don’t have to then say “Add to ClientTouch” because they are already there!

Web Form Thank-You Page (Gold Only)

You can now customize this page to look however you want it to look. You can even add audio!

The Autoresponder Completion Assistant (Gold Only)

Ok, brace yourselves…this one is BIG!

You now have the ability to tell the system what to do once the Autoresponder has completed it’s final step. So let’s say you want to get notified via email once a contact has completed the autoresponder they are on…or you want to automatically start them on a different autoresponder or todo plan, or you want to change their category once they have completed the steps… You can do all of this and more with the Autoresponder Completion Assistant.

And the great thing about it is you can add a completion step WHILE contacts are in the middle of their campaigns!

Go to Settings > Autoresponders and pull up one of your campaigns. Then click on the Completion Assistant link.

That’s it for now. We are off working on the next update. Thanks for the great ideas and keep them coming!

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