New from AllClients (More free emails, attachments & more)

Hello there –

Just a quick note to let you know what’s new in AllClients.

1. We have increased the number of FREE emails you can send each month from 200 to 500 per month. (Of course you can send as many as you want by buying additional email sends for a cheap penny each!)

2. You can now attach documents to client accounts. The attachments can be Word docs, PDF’s Photos, MP3’s or just about anything else you can think of. For those who want to use attachments there is an additional monthly charge of $5 for each 5GB of storage space you use. Here’s a quick reference chart to give you an idea of how much storage space 5GB is:

About 250,000 20KB Word documents
About 100,000 50KB Excel worksheets
About 25,000 200KB PDF files
About 3,400 1.5MB JPG images
About 1,250 4MB MP3 files

(Of course, your results will vary based on your actual file sizes)

3. After the holidays we will be rolling out a new White Label (or Private Label) offering where companies can partner with us to get a specially branded version of AllClients. Our partners can brand it with their name, add their own categories, flags, email content, etc.. and then resell AllClients to their customer base at any price that makes sense.

4. We are working on some cool new features and functions for 2010, so please stay tuned!

And finally, from all of us at AllClients, we want to thank you for your business in 2009 and we wish you a stellar 2010!

Jeff Shamus



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