Upcoming Training Webinars

Starting this week (tomorrow) I will be hosting a weekly webinar where AllClients users can sit in and learn more about the system. These webinars will be informal and interactive. You will be able to see my desktop and I will walk you through features and functions step by step. Ask questions or just watch and discover things that will save you time and effort.
See you there!
Jeff Shamus
CEO and Co-Founder

Upcoming Webinars for February

New User Jump Start Training
Intended for brand new users – General topics covered

Tuesday 2/15 10AM PST
Tuesday 3/1 10AM PST

Intermediate User Training
Intended for users familiar with the system – General topics and specific modules covered

Thursday 2/10 10AM PST
Thursday 2/24 10AM PST

How To Join The Webinars

Just go to http://meeting.allclients.com/ a few minutes before the start of each session and be ready to call into the specified conference phone number.

AllClients February Update

Hi There –

We just released a new update that added some real cool features and functions. Here is a quick summary…

Real Time Email Analytics

In the contact record under notes, all your emails are now tracked with the exact email content, as well as the open details. You will see a icon like this:  next to the email subject. Just click on the icon and a box will pop up showing opens, bounces, if your contact clicked on any links in your email, and if your contact marked your email as spam. This new email reporting applies to emails send individually, through the todo system, and through the autoresponder system.

Deal Reports (Gold Only)

2 new Deal Reports have been added. Now you can see your commissions on won deals, and you can see your deals in a funnel format. The deals reports can be found right from within the deals module.

ClientTouch View in Contacts

This is an advanced feature we have added as per your request. You can now see who is in ClientTouch right from the Contact List Screen. You can add a column that will show you who is already in your current ClientTouch workgroup (green checkmark), and who is not (grey checkmark).

Add this column using the “Customize this Screen” link at the bottom of your contact list. Then you can click on the icon to toggle that contact from being in the ClientTouch workgroup to not being in the workgroup. Keep in mind this is an indicator to show who is already in the workgroup – you don’t have to then say “Add to ClientTouch” because they are already there!

Web Form Thank-You Page (Gold Only)

You can now customize this page to look however you want it to look. You can even add audio!

The Autoresponder Completion Assistant (Gold Only)

Ok, brace yourselves…this one is BIG!

You now have the ability to tell the system what to do once the Autoresponder has completed it’s final step. So let’s say you want to get notified via email once a contact has completed the autoresponder they are on…or you want to automatically start them on a different autoresponder or todo plan, or you want to change their category once they have completed the steps… You can do all of this and more with the Autoresponder Completion Assistant.

And the great thing about it is you can add a completion step WHILE contacts are in the middle of their campaigns!

Go to Settings > Autoresponders and pull up one of your campaigns. Then click on the Completion Assistant link.

That’s it for now. We are off working on the next update. Thanks for the great ideas and keep them coming!

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Real-Time Email Analytics

Our latest AllClients update introduces our newest feature: Real-Time Email Analytics. You can now track the opens, clicks, bounces, and spam reports of EVERY email sent from within AllClients. In addition to Email Blasts, this data is now visible for Single Emails, Autoresponder Emails, and Automatic To-Do Emails.

You can also see the exact email that was sent to your client.

Check out the new Training Video…

This feature is now available, at no extra charge, to all customers.


Upgraded AllClients WYSIWYG Editor – Spell Check++

The AllClients WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor has been given a huge overhaul. Top new features include the Spell Check (hooray!) and better Image Upload/Management (including delete!)

The “AllClients Editor” is used when composing Emails, Web Forms, Email Templates, and Letter Templates.

In addition to new features, the AllClients Editor is now compatible with more browsers and browser versions, including compatibility with cutting edge browsers coming out in the coming months (Chrome 9, IE 9, Firefox 4)

bit.ly Short URLs and QR Codes now in your Web Forms

Each of your Web Forms now automatically generates a bit.ly short URL, as well as a QR Code (which is like a barcode designed to be scanned by smart phone cameras).

The Short URL allows you to more easily cut & paste your Web Form link into applications like Facebook and Twitter.

The QR Code allows consumers with enabled mobile phones to scan your QR Code and be taken directly to your AllClients Web Form.

Go to Settings > Web Forms to see your new Web Form marketing tools!

Learn more about QR Codes here:

AllClients October Update – Deals and More

This is an exciting time over here at AllClients as we have just launched a major update that includes a new module.


“Deals” is finally here! You have been clamoring for it and we have heard you!

Deals will allow you to track your sales, transactions, big events, whatever! The screens are fully customizable so let your imagination and creativity run wild!

For those of you who are using the Real Estate, Loan or Insurance Modules to track your sales, you are one step ahead as you already understand the concept. Deals takes that concept to the next level, giving you more options and more flexibility.

You can build your own Deal screens, have notes, attachments, appointments and related contacts – all attached to that deal. Track the expected close dates, amount of sale, commissions, probability and more.

To learn more about Deals, watch these videos:

Deals Demo Video
Deals Training Video

Deals is a Premium Module and is part of our Gold Level service. For those of you who are Classic or Silver Members, if you want to upgrade to Gold, you can upgrade in the Settings > My Account screen.

Header Template

In this update we have also added the ability to have a fixed email HEADER: %%header%%, just like you have a fixed FOOTER: %%footer%%. This will allow you to keep a consistent email look and allow for easy global changes.

Capture Birthdays via Web Forms

We have also added the ability to capture the birthday of your contacts coming in from a web form. This is a great addition for those of you who do birthday sales and promotions!

Thank You For Being Our Customer!

We hope you like the new update… especially the Deals Module. We think Deals will help you make more sales as you incorporate it into your business – let us know what YOU think! Visit community.allclients.com

Good Selling!

Your New Birthday Assistant Has Arrived!

We’re proud to introduce our newest feature: Birthday Assistant

Birthday Assistant can either send an email (based on one of your email templates) or it can automatically enter an item in your To Do List on a set number of days before your contacts birthdays. (So that you have time to send a card or gift, for example)

You can also choose to have this Birthday Assistant only perform these actions on contacts matching a specific flag.

Configure your Birthday Assistant in Settings > Birthday Assistant (It’s turned off by default)

AllClients August Update

We have been busy adding new features and benefits to AllClients. In case you haven’t noticed, here is what we have added in the last month or so…

2nd Email Address

You can now have a second email address on the same contact record. This can be used for spouse (other contact) or a 2nd email for the primary contact.

AllClients Mobile Update

We have significantly updated our mobile version of AllClients allowing you to add, edit and view your clients from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other smart phone.Watch this video to learn more!

Social Media Links

On the contact card you can click “Social Media Links” (In the same grey box with the Contacts name in it, lower right) and add your contact’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc… URL. The proper icon for that Social Media site will be automatically displayed on the contact card. Then click it and you will see their Social Media page.

Pricing and Plans

As you know, we continue to add new functionality to our product on a regular basis, and every so often we adjust our Pricing and Plans to reflect the changing product. TheGOOD NEWS is that you, as a current customer, have the option to stay exactly where you are at, OR you can change to one of our new plans if they will fit your needs better.

You can view our new Pricing and Plans here:

Why you might want to change to one of our new plans:

1) If you don’t use Webforms, Autoresponders, Web Audio, and Attachments, and you don’t send more than 500 emails a month, you might want to look at our Silver plan which is $19/mo.

2) If you send more than 500 emails a month, you should take a look at the Gold Plan which is $29.

Just to clarify… You don’t have to do anything and your pricing will stay the same as when you first signed up. You will continue to get all features included in your pricing. We just want to point out the new options because in some cases, the new plans may be a better deal then where you are at now.

(And by the way, if you do move to one of our new plans, you can’t go back and get your old pricing at a later date!)

If you have questions about this, please send us an email at cases@allclients.com

High Volume Emailers

We have added a feature for our customers who send lots of emails each month. If that is you, then click here to learn about our integration with SendGrid.com.

Stay tuned – we are already knee deep working on the next update that will include more exciting features and benefits, watch for it in November.

Thanks for being our customer!