AllClients April Update

A new AllClients update went out earlier this week with a couple new cool features:

Email Footer

You now have the ability to make a standard footer that can be quickly added to each of your emails. The footer can include text, logo, photo, signature, and just about anything you can think of.

To create your own custom footer go to “Settings” and then “Email Footer Template”. There you will find your footer canvas to create your own masterpiece.

Watch the Email Footer Training Video

Referral Rewards

You have asked for a referral program that rewards you for telling your friends and colleagues about AllClients.

We are proud to present to you Referral Rewards!

On the bottom of each page in AllClients you will see a link to Referral Rewards. Here you can learn about how the program works and how both you and the people you refer can receive an AllClients discount every month!

New Samples Now Included in Your Account

All AllClients accounts now include sample Email Templates, Letter Templates, and Web Form Sample Templates. Simply click the [TEMPLATE LIBRARY] link in the upper right corner while you are in the Settings page and select a template to copy down to your library. Now you are on your way, without having to start from scratch.

Updated our Partner Programs

AllClients is the best “All-In-One” Marketing, Email, Follow-up, and CRM system available today. And, at under $25/month, nothing comes close to the value we offers our customers.

We offer several ways for our customers to spread the word about AllClients and to be rewarded in the process. Whether you know just one or two people who could benefit, or you are a marketing expert with a large customer base, we have a program for you.

Read more details here:


How to Set up Killer Email Campaigns

Before we talk about how to set up a killer email campaign, let’s define what an email campaign is. An email campaign is a series of emails sent to a client or a prospective client over a fixed period of time. Here is an example of a killer email campaigns you can set up yourself:

A Customer Email Campaign:

Purpose: To keep your name in front of them in order for you to do more or repeat business with them, and to encourage them to refer their friends and family to you. How to do it: Assuming you had a good experience with this client and/or have a good relationship with them, set up an email campaign to contact this person once a month. You should create at least 24 emails so the campaign can last 2 years. Be sure to use an email system that forces permission based emails, so you are not seen as a spammer.

Step 1: Write all 24 emails

The emails you create should be short and feel personal: Pretend you were emailing a friend. Like this:

Hi Jeff,
In case I didn’t tell you this, I wanted to let you know that we have monthly classes at the shop on how to keep your carpets fresh and clean without having to hire a carpet cleaner (like me)!

The classes are on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm, and of course are free of charge.
I hope to see you here sometime soon!

John Wilson

ABC Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Step 2: Come up with the best order for your emails and how far apart you want to send them. Ie. Monthly, every 3 weeks, every 6 weeks, etc…

Step 3: Go into your email marketing system and connect the emails, the order and when to send them out, thus creating your email campaign. This step might sound big and complicated, but in a good email marketing system you should be able to complete this step in about 5 minutes. (Say for instance,

Step 4: Now go into your database and filter your contacts down to past customers, and then assign them to your new killer campaign. (This step should take you less than 1 minute if you have a decent system)

Now you can go play golf, or go on vacation, or go clean out the garage. Your email campaign is on Auto-Pilot and you won’t have to lift another finger for 2 years!
Once you have your customer campaign set up, you will want to set up one for cold leads, warm leads and past customers as well.

New from AllClients (More free emails, attachments & more)

Hello there –

Just a quick note to let you know what’s new in AllClients.

1. We have increased the number of FREE emails you can send each month from 200 to 500 per month. (Of course you can send as many as you want by buying additional email sends for a cheap penny each!)

2. You can now attach documents to client accounts. The attachments can be Word docs, PDF’s Photos, MP3’s or just about anything else you can think of. For those who want to use attachments there is an additional monthly charge of $5 for each 5GB of storage space you use. Here’s a quick reference chart to give you an idea of how much storage space 5GB is:

About 250,000 20KB Word documents
About 100,000 50KB Excel worksheets
About 25,000 200KB PDF files
About 3,400 1.5MB JPG images
About 1,250 4MB MP3 files

(Of course, your results will vary based on your actual file sizes)

3. After the holidays we will be rolling out a new White Label (or Private Label) offering where companies can partner with us to get a specially branded version of AllClients. Our partners can brand it with their name, add their own categories, flags, email content, etc.. and then resell AllClients to their customer base at any price that makes sense.

4. We are working on some cool new features and functions for 2010, so please stay tuned!

And finally, from all of us at AllClients, we want to thank you for your business in 2009 and we wish you a stellar 2010!

Jeff Shamus


Fully Customizable Web Forms

Web Forms just got even better!

By popular demand, your are now able to enter advanced formatting in your header and footer, as well as take full control over the HTML. This includes the ability to add images, YouTube videos, (or whatever you need) to help convert more visitors into leads.

For advanced users, you can even get down to the nuts and bolts and play with the Style Sheets (CSS) that makes up the look of your page. (Your Web Developer will know what this means)

Check out the updated Web Forms video to see how it works:

Best Regards,

The AllClients Team