Getting Started Webinar

You are invited to a online overview of AllClients with Co-Founder and CEO, Jeff Shamus.

Jeff will take you through AllClients to help you get started or get re-started!

He will show you how to work with your Contact Groups and how to access AllClients on your mobile device.

Then you will have an opportunity to ask your specific questions.

The meeting is Tuesday, October 3rd at 10:00 am Pacific Time.

Join the meeting:

On a computer, use any browser. Nothing to download.

On a phone or tablet, launch the app and enter meeting code: allclients

Join the audio conference: 
Dial a phone number and enter access code.

Phone in:         415-655-0381
Access Code:   605-737-463# 

We look forward to seeing you online!

Send Duplicates to ClientTouch

We’ve added new functionality to the Duplicate Contact Report. You can now add a contact from the Duplicate Contact Report to ClientTouch. This will allow you to export a copy of the duplicates, or print a list, before you delete them.

Click the ClientTouch icon to add them to ClientTouch. When the ClientTouch icon is green, the contact is included in your ClientTouch workgroup.

For more tips on working with duplicate contacts, watch our How do I … Handle Duplicate Contacts video.

Automate Your Workflow within VoiceTouch Extensions

You may now trigger Intelligent Actions within VoiceTouch. When editing or adding extensions, you are able to set up Actions that are associated with that Extension.

When a caller selects an extension, you can create a new contact if one doesn’t already exist with the same phone number, assign a Flag or run an Action Set.


Click to learn more about Triggering Intelligent Actions in VoiceTouch.