Use the Social Connector to connect further with your Contacts

The Social Connector allows you to view and access your contact’s Social Media accounts right from the Contact Record. It uses your contact’s email address to find their Social Media accounts and adds them to the Contact Record automatically. Watch how easy it is to use:


To turn on your Social Connector, click on the Customize This Screen link at the bottom of any Contact Record.

For more information on the details of the Social Connector, click here.

The Social Connector is available with accounts on the Gold Plan.

Our Response to the December Survey 

You may remember our customer survey asking what one single feature we could add that would help your business the most.

We received a lot of responses and a lot of good ideas.

We have already built in 4 of your top requests – and they are now in the system and available for your use:

1. We added the ability to schedule Email Blasts.
2. We added the ability to color code your appointments.
3. We added check boxes to the todo list so now you can work on a group of your todos all at once.
4. We added the ability to work with groups of contacts based on the data in email analytics.

We are not done either! Thanks for your great ideas!

The AllClients team.