New Editor Is Available

We’ve updated the editor that is used in Emails, Letters and Landing Pages.

The updated editor provides more image editing tools, like cropping and re-sizing. It works on mobile devices. It will also keep your line spacing when you copy and paste from other sources.

Here is how to Switch to the Updated Editor or back to the Classic Editor.

Watch this video to learn more about working with the Editor:Editor

Insert an Image into an Email or Letter Template

Assigning To-Do’s in Team Configurations

ToDoCheckFor our customers using the Team Functions, we have added the ability for Power and Independent Users to assign to-do’s to the Team Leaders and Admins, and vice-versa.

This is a valuable feature when The Team Leader and Admins are helping the Power User, complete tasks that apply to contacts in the Power User’s database.

You will see the additional options in the “Assign to” dropdown lists, and can start using this feature today.


Use the Social Connector to connect further with your Contacts

The Social Connector allows you to view and access your contact’s Social Media accounts right from the Contact Record. It uses your contact’s email address to find their Social Media accounts and adds them to the Contact Record automatically. Watch how easy it is to use:


To turn on your Social Connector, click on the Customize This Screen link at the bottom of any Contact Record.

For more information on the details of the Social Connector, click here.

The Social Connector is available with accounts on the Gold Plan.