VoiceTouch – New Extension Forwarding Options

When creating extensions in VoiceTouch, you now have options in the type of extension you are creating.  Your options for each extensions are:
1. Callers listen to a recording
2. Callers are automatically forwarded to your phone
3. Callers listen to a recording and then are automatically forwarded to your phone.

Each extension can be forwarded to a unique phone number. Try it out in your VoiceTouch account today.VoiceTouchForwarding


Updated User Interface

We’ve updated our user interface! We’ve made things more modern and added more color. The screen is a bit wider to fit wider monitors and it’s now more responsive so it will look better on tablets too.


We added the ability for you to customize your theme. Make it your own by adjusting the color. It’s easy to do in your Account Settings, Click Here to learn how.

New Editor Is Available

We’ve updated the editor that is used in Emails, Letters and Landing Pages.

The updated editor provides more image editing tools, like cropping and re-sizing. It works on mobile devices. It will also keep your line spacing when you copy and paste from other sources.

Here is how to Switch to the Updated Editor or back to the Classic Editor.

Watch this video to learn more about working with the Editor:Editor

Insert an Image into an Email or Letter Template