Our Response to the December Survey 

You may remember our customer survey asking what one single feature we could add that would help your business the most.

We received a lot of responses and a lot of good ideas.

We have already built in 4 of your top requests – and they are now in the system and available for your use:

1. We added the ability to schedule Email Blasts.
2. We added the ability to color code your appointments.
3. We added check boxes to the todo list so now you can work on a group of your todos all at once.
4. We added the ability to work with groups of contacts based on the data in email analytics.

We are not done either! Thanks for your great ideas!

The AllClients team.


Color Code your Appointments

You can now add color to your appointments as you create them.  Use a color for different types of appointments to tell at a glance which are phone appointments versus office appointments. Use colors to tell which appointments are initial consultations and which are follow up appointments. There are lots of options!


Here is what a day on your calendar might look like…

How I Use AllClients Intelligent Links to Get Gigs

By day I am the CEO of AllClients – by night I play guitar, keyboards, and sing in my Beatles Band, BeatlesFlashback.com.

When I send out emails to market the band, I include a Press Kit PDF and a Demo of the band in an MP3 format.

I used to send them as attachments in the email, now I use Intelligent Links. With Intelligent Links, AllClients sends me an email letting me know that someone, I am trying to get to hire us, downloaded the Press Kit or listened to my demo MP3.

This is a big deal. No, a HUGE deal.

Learn more about AllClients Intelligent Links

Intelligent Links : Overview [Video]
Intelligent Links : Create Your Own [Video] 

If I know that you downloaded my Press Kit and/or listened to my demo, I KNOW that you are interested at a high level.

In some cases I get a phone call a few minutes after they look at my stuff, and in other cases I will call them to “strike while the iron is hot”.


This is really unfair – it gives me a huge advantage to know who is looking at my marketing materials. Now I can send hundreds of emails to prospective clients and I know EXACTLY which few I should focus on.

Use Intelligent Links and find out in real time, who your hottest prospects are. I guarantee you, once you see the power of Intelligent Links, you will never send another attachment again.