AllClients October Update – Deals and More

This is an exciting time over here at AllClients as we have just launched a major update that includes a new module.


“Deals” is finally here! You have been clamoring for it and we have heard you!

Deals will allow you to track your sales, transactions, big events, whatever! The screens are fully customizable so let your imagination and creativity run wild!

For those of you who are using the Real Estate, Loan or Insurance Modules to track your sales, you are one step ahead as you already understand the concept. Deals takes that concept to the next level, giving you more options and more flexibility.

You can build your own Deal screens, have notes, attachments, appointments and related contacts – all attached to that deal. Track the expected close dates, amount of sale, commissions, probability and more.

To learn more about Deals, watch these videos:

Deals Demo Video
Deals Training Video

Deals is a Premium Module and is part of our Gold Level service. For those of you who are Classic or Silver Members, if you want to upgrade to Gold, you can upgrade in theĀ Settings > My Account screen.

Header Template

In this update we have also added the ability to have a fixed email HEADER: %%header%%, just like you have a fixed FOOTER: %%footer%%. This will allow you to keep a consistent email look and allow for easy global changes.

Capture Birthdays via Web Forms

We have also added the ability to capture the birthday of your contacts coming in from a web form. This is a great addition for those of you who do birthday sales and promotions!

Thank You For Being Our Customer!

We hope you like the new update… especially the Deals Module. We think Deals will help you make more sales as you incorporate it into your business – let us know what YOU think! VisitĀ

Good Selling!