AllClients August Update

We have been busy adding new features and benefits to AllClients. In case you haven’t noticed, here is what we have added in the last month or so…

2nd Email Address

You can now have a second email address on the same contact record. This can be used for spouse (other contact) or a 2nd email for the primary contact.

AllClients Mobile Update

We have significantly updated our mobile version of AllClients allowing you to add, edit and view your clients from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other smart phone.Watch this video to learn more!

Social Media Links

On the contact card you can click “Social Media Links” (In the same grey box with the Contacts name in it, lower right) and add your contact’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc… URL. The proper icon for that Social Media site will be automatically displayed on the contact card. Then click it and you will see their Social Media page.

Pricing and Plans

As you know, we continue to add new functionality to our product on a regular basis, and every so often we adjust our Pricing and Plans to reflect the changing product. TheGOOD NEWS is that you, as a current customer, have the option to stay exactly where you are at, OR you can change to one of our new plans if they will fit your needs better.

You can view our new Pricing and Plans here:

Why you might want to change to one of our new plans:

1) If you don’t use Webforms, Autoresponders, Web Audio, and Attachments, and you don’t send more than 500 emails a month, you might want to look at our Silver plan which is $19/mo.

2) If you send more than 500 emails a month, you should take a look at the Gold Plan which is $29.

Just to clarify… You don’t have to do anything and your pricing will stay the same as when you first signed up. You will continue to get all features included in your pricing. We just want to point out the new options because in some cases, the new plans may be a better deal then where you are at now.

(And by the way, if you do move to one of our new plans, you can’t go back and get your old pricing at a later date!)

If you have questions about this, please send us an email at

High Volume Emailers

We have added a feature for our customers who send lots of emails each month. If that is you, then click here to learn about our integration with

Stay tuned – we are already knee deep working on the next update that will include more exciting features and benefits, watch for it in November.

Thanks for being our customer!

Introducing the new AllClients Mobile

We’re really excited about the new AllClients Mobile.  You can view, search, and even add Contacts. You can manage your To-Dos & view your Calendar. You can call, email, or map your contacts, all from your phone.

Watch the introductory video here:

Check it out on your Smart Phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc…)