AllClients June Update

We just launched an update to AllClients. (And by the way, you already have it. Just login and you will see it live.)

Here are the new and exciting things you will find in the update:

1. Email Analytics

You can now review your email blasts and see how many of your emails were delivered, how many bounced, how many people reported your email as Spam, how many opened your email, and how many (and who) clicked on any links you had in your email. This is a great tool for email marketers to analyze the effectiveness of their emails. Look for the new Email Analytics Reports under the Reports tab. Reports will automatically appear on any blasts you do from now on.

2. Customizable Contacts Screen

You asked for it – You got it! Now you can customize the columns on your contact list screen. Don’t care about Company? Then don’t show it! Want to see the email addresses right on the contact list screen? Now you can. Watch this video to learn more:

3. Saved Searches on the Home Screen

Now you can put your saved searches from your Contacts Advanced Search right on your home page. This will give you 1 click access to your advanced contacts searches. Watch the video to learn more:

Thank You

We are constantly working to make AllClients the fastest and easiest way for you to manage your contacts. We hope you like the new functionality and you can look forward to more features coming soon.

Thank you for continuing to trust us with the most important part of your business.