AllClients vs. Infusionsoft

If you are looking for a CRM with some “extra pop”, you will undoubtedly run across both AllClients and Infusionsoft in your search. These products are currently the only products commercially available that do Marketing Automation, Small Business CRM, and Premium Email Service, all in a single, fully integrated package.
There are many similarities in the products, but some stark differences as well. Let’s explore how they stack up against each other.

Automated Follow-up: Both products will automatically follow up with your clients and prospects using autoresponders and automatic email campaigns. Edge: Tie

Send Targeted Emails: Both products use a permission based email system that will only send emails to contact who want to receive them. This ensures email deliverability. Edge: Tie

Managing Referrals: Infusionsoft has a great affiliate referral program that will calculate commissions to your affiliate marketers. The AllClients referral system is focused on “Client Referrals” and includes a Referral Tree to track your client referrals visually.Edge: Tie

eCommerse/Shopping Cart:  Infusionsoft has a built in eCommerce system, AllClients does not. Edge: Infusionsoft

Capture Leads Online: Both products allow you to build webforms for the purpose of capturing leads online. The AllClients webform builder is much easier to use and gives you greater flexibility with the leads once they come into the system. Edge: AllClients

Manage Your Contacts: Both products offer a good CRM component with notes, todo’s calendars, and reports.  Edge: Tie

Segment Your List: Taking your complete contact list and then filtering it, has to be easy and fast. Both products shine in this area, however AllClients screens are more logical and easy to follow.   Edge: AllClients

Built-In Content and Templates: Infusionsoft includes excellent content in the form of emails, letters, etc… With AllClients you will have to write your own copy or buy it somewhere else.  Edge: Infusionsoft

Training: Because Infusionsoft is a more complex, robust product, it requires extensive training for the average user. With AllClients, the average user will not need training, although video tutorials are provided. Edge: Tie

Ease of Use: Infusionsoft is a much bigger, and more sophisticated system than AllClients. Unfortunately with that level of complexity, comes confusion. With Infusionsoft, plan to dedicated several weeks to learn the system thoroughly. AllClients is considerably more intuitive and friendly. Within an hour, and with no training, you will be comfortable with the clear and uncluttered AllClients experience.  Edge: AllClients

Price:  Infusionsoft has pricing that ranges from $199 to $499 per month depending on the feature set and the number of users. AllClients is priced at $21.95/mo.   Edge: AllClients

Bottom Line:
Both AllClients and Infusionsoft are excellent products and deliver on their promise of Marketing Automation. If monthly cost is an issue, than AllClients is the way to go. If you have a “large” small business (25+ employees), then Infusionsoft would be your best choice.

Infusionsoft is more robust and better for the sophisticated marketer, where AllClients provides just the basics, for the non-technical business owner.